Give Up The Goods

New York, USA


  • Eric Olivier - Screams
  • Matt Brescia - Guitar
  • Johnny Sohl - Guitar
  • Vincent Romanelli - Bass
  • Andrew Filardo - Drums


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Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
1221 EP
unknown December 21, 2012
The Internet Hates You EP
Unknown April 20, 2014
Agents EP
unknown July 29, 2016


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This bands amazing. All awesome dudes who make even better music. They're not one of those whack ass bands who talk about nonsense. These guys take their music to a whole other level of passion. From lyrics to drums every ounce is filled with soul which translates into sick grooves, heavy breakdowns, shredding, and straight up bounce. Their 3 track EP is an awesome release and should not be slept on at all!