Glass Cloud

Hampton, VA, USA


  • Jerry Roush - Vocals
  • Joshua Travis - Guitars

After years of touring and performing around the world with various bands, vocalist Jerry Roush finally has a band to call his own. The former frontman for Sky Eats Airplane and Of Mice & Men has joined forces with 8-string guitarist Joshua Travis [The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza], bassist Travis Sykes and drummer Chad Hasty to create Glass Cloud.

The Hampton, VA-based band is currently in San Diego, CA recording their debut full-length album at Lambesis Studios, with Joshua Travis also serving as producer. Glass Cloud will release the full-length album in late Spring/early Summer 2012 through Equal Vision Records.

Musically, Glass Cloud offers a sense of controlled chaos fueled by Roush's deep, ferocious growls and distinct, gritty cleans. Travis' phenomenal guitarwork and ability to constantly surprise listeners stands out as he displays the perfect balance between energetic, driving intricacies and calmer progressions that carry a dark, eerie tone. Sykes and Hasty, graduates of Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, rule the rhythm section contributing unique cadences and swinging, jazzy grooves interlaced with softer symphonic touches. Glass Cloud shines as the members deliver some of their heaviest and most technical compositions to date.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
The Royal Thousand Full-length
Basick Records / Equal Vision Records July 2, 2012
Perfect War Forever EP
Equal Vision Records October 22, 2013


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Holy shit. I knew those vocals sounded familiar. I always thought they sounded good. Very interesting combo. I like the sound.