Godzilla Loves Lemon Trees

Cremona, Italy


  • Federico Ded Balestreri - Vocals
  • Luca Barbanotti - Bass

Basscore Metal

Full and fat bass guitar duo band based in Cremona, in the north of Italy.

FFO (djentl-men and not): Meshuggah, Gojira, Extinction Level Event, Mastodon

"Of course the key thing is… does this experiment work? On the strength of the one available track – “Kaiju” – I’d say that yes, it does."(The Moshville Times)

"Godzilla Loves Lemon Trees play really intense, face-melting music." (Eclectic Music Lover)

"Godzilla Loves Lemon Trees wanted to make an impression, create an urge to listen to the music, and make it impossible to forget." (Darkland Promotions)


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