Milton Keynes, UK


  • J Hurley - Vocals
  • Ben Marvin - Vocals
  • Timfy James - Guitar / Electronics / Vocals
  • Josh Gurner - Bass
  • Rich Hawking - Drums

Hacktivist is Timfy James's (Ex-Heart of a Coward) new musical project.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Hacktivist EP
unknown November 12, 2012
Hacktivist (Re-release) EP
unknown November 11, 2013


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Rap that complements djent or djent that complements rap? Regardless, these guys are refreshing.

man their new single is so cool. im not a big fan of rap, but this is the kinda stuff i can get into!

this band it's awesome... love it ..

Ya I love this band! You gotta look up the song they covered by kanye west I think called niggas in Paris. By far the best song they've made so far!

Heard about this band on edge underground... hands down one of the best bands ever. better than all the other exparimental stuff out there fer sure!!

I gotta agree. I wasn't too sure about that rap either cause I can't stand rap but their new song sold me

Beautiful band!

Very, very great band. I was not sure at the beginning (rap vocals obviously) but now? Can't get Cold Shoulders outta my head right now! When the ep or album is gonna be released?!

Any scheduled release? an EP at least? Can't wait to hear that Smile

I really like the rap vibe in vocals. And it is still hard as hell. Promising band.


Looks like the Lords of Shadows mask from Castlevania. Now I have to check out your tunes.

Yeah can't wait for a full-length release!