Sydney, Australia


  • Douglas Skene - Vocals/Guitars/Keyboards
  • Mitch Coull - Guitars/Vocals
  • Jessica Martin - Bass/Vocals
  • Phill Eltakchi - Keyboards/Vocals

“Dark, Emotionally-driven Progressive Metal”

Finally the sophomore release from Australian Dark Progressive Metallers HEMINA, with their new work ‘Nebulae’. The album continues to develop the band’s melodic sound and use of various vocal timbres and four-part harmonies, whilst bringing the crushing groove of djent and the pop sensibilities of new-wave and modern rock.

HEMINA hit the studio in 2013 after the loss of their drummer Mathew Irsak and got writing music that was instant and immediate, whilst never straying from their goals to create an emotional, dark-yet-uplifting and melodic sound which can be heard in each of the 10 tracks on ‘Nebulae’. Like ‘Synthetic’; the band’s debut, ‘Nebulae’ is conceptual in nature although perhaps less tied to a narrative structure, however in short it explores an as yet unnamed woman’s battle and adventure through lucid dreaming to find something more than she is in her waking life, and the depths in which she will dive to find transcendence. It forms an element of a master story of which HEMINA will develop in further albums and which ‘Synthetic’ was also ultimately a part of.

‘Nebulae’ is entirely self produced by the band with a modern approach to the production whilst maintaining the clarity and balance that comes from mindful consideration of dynamic range. HEMINA’s signature blend of synth backdrops, monolithic riffs, varied vocals, melodic twin leads and an increased ear for groove can all be expected from experiencing ‘Nebulae’ as well as a slight departure from the über-Progressive classical structures of ‘Synthetic’ with more accessible traditional song structures.

HEMINA puts melody, songwriting and emotion before any of the instrumental histrionics one may typically think of in today’s world of Progressive music whilst still maintaining the level of technical proficiency listeners have grown accustomed to. After 2 years of shows with the likes of Kamelot, Voyager, Chaos Divine and Caligula’s Horse across Australia – the band are back with what is their strongest work to date.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
As We Know It EP
Independent August 1, 2010
Synthetic Full-length
Nightmare Records March 31, 2012
Haunting Me! Single
Independent October 12, 2012
Freedom Single
Bird's Robe Records July 7, 2014
Nebulae Full-length
Bird's Robe Records August 19, 2014
Venus Full-length
Bird's Robe Records November 11, 2016


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