Hero In Error

Dublin, Ireland


  • Kaan - Vocals
  • Gary - Guitars
  • Rob - Guitars

"Hold Tight! PR are excited to introduce to you, one of the finest technically melodic metal bands to spring from The Emerald Isle in quite some time… HERO IN ERROR!

Formed in Dublin, Ireland during the winter of 2008 and taking direct influence from the likes of EVERY TIME I DIE, THE ACACIA STRAIN and SIKTH, the band offer up some killer technical hooks to match their straight-faced brutality. Opting to work with the almost legendary pairing of Dan Weller and Justin Hill (ex-SikTh) on the recording of their debut EP (upon which Hill lays down guest vocals on ‘Under my Sky’) to capture a more distinct and mature sound, HERO IN ERROR have set the benchmark high as they continue to strive beyond the ‘dime a dozen’ nature of other bands currently saturating the scene.

Despite their musical career being in its infancy, HERO IN ERROR’s hardworking attitude and tightly honed live show has made them a much talked about prospect, helping them to rack up some impressive support slots alongside the likes of MASTODON, ARCHITECTS and IWRESTLEDABEARONCE along the way.

HERO IN ERROR’s debut EP, ‘The High point Of New Lows’, will be released on October 4th, 2010."


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gewon the lads!!!