Linköping, Sweden


  • Albin Johansson
  • Mikael Lindhe
  • Robin Ågren
  • Simon Hedlund
  • Oskar Sahlin

Founded in 2010, Hollows are moving forward establishing themselves in the
Swedish and global metalcore scene and constantly sets new goals to reach.
Shows all around Sweden is being performed frequently, and it will not take
too long before shows abroad will be performanced. After the bands first demo
was released in 2010 Hollows took the big step and recorded their debut album
'Fortified' which later was released in May 2011. 'Fortified' contains 10 tracks
which is now available for download, free of charge, through the bands website

The single 'Aftermath' with music video was a closure for the chapters and
storyline told in the debut album 'Fortified', with the symbolism of starting
of fresh before new challanges and releases. 'Aftermath' with music video was
released in December 2011 and quickly became popular. The music video for
'Aftermath' have today (20-08-07) received about 155 000 views on youtube.
After the release of 'Aftermath' the writing and rehearsal of the sophomore
album 'Tunnel Bright' begun. In the spring of 2012 the band announced that
'Tunnel Bright' will be split into three parts, where each part acts as an
independent release but also together as a whole.

After some changes in the setup of Hollows the
band today consists of the following five members:
Mikael Lindhe on vocals (since 2010)
Albin Johansson on guitar and clean vocals (since 2010)
Simon Hedlund on guitar (since 2012)
Robin Ågren on bass and backing vocals (since 2010)
Oskar Sahlin on drums (since 2012)


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Fortified Full-length
unsigned May 28, 2011
Tunnel Bright: I EP
unsigned May 1, 2012
Tunnel Bright: II EP
unsigned June 20, 2012


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