Brampton, Ontario, Canada


  • Jeff Berridge - All guitars, vocals, drum-programming, synth, composing and production
  • Dee Hastey - Bass (Recording and shared composition)

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Honeybjorn is basically a pseudonym I've given myself for musical purposes - kind of like a stage name, only I'm not on a stage. This project, if you will, is simply just a place to empty out my ideas that won't fit in very well with Celestial Obscurity.. or at all. Most of the music here will be attempts at "djent", Meshuggah-influenced tracks that I've played around with on POD Farm. There won't be any organised albums or EPs, just music I've written and recorded, while working on my producing skills and different guitar tones, that I'll put into albums based on time frame. Dee Hastey has recently joined Honeybjorn, providing her talent in bass guitar to provide our band with a fuller sound and with more ideas.


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I Full-length
Unsigned December 25, 2011


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  • Slaviccore
  • CanoDjent
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  • deengus
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