Hope Red

Pered, Slovakia


  • Domján Kristóf
  • Laczkó Sándor
  • Szabó 'Gila' Ádám
  • Szakál András

Hope Red was founded in 2013. The majority of its members played together in bands before, like Groove Machine (2005-2009). The band was formed by a trio András, Kristóf and Sándor, later in 2014, Gila has joined the team. The band released its first single in 2014 which was called "Sötét szél" and was recorded with Krisztián Kovács (vocals) who has left the band in 2015.

From 2015, the band is without a singer, aiming to deliver great grooves and riffs instrumentally. Hope Reds music is hard to define, it has a lot of grooves, heavy riffs, cleans, ambient passages and polyrythms.


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