Humanity's Last Breath


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Reanimated By Hate EP
Self-released July 1, 2010
Structures Collapse EP
Self-released May 25, 2011
Humanity's Last Breath Full-length
Rogue Records America September 24, 2013
Detestor EP
unknown April 5, 2016


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One of the best albums ever created. If you haven't already done so, do yourself a favor and listen to the instrumental version. Not that I don't love Marcus's vox, but I was able to enjoy the intricate instrumentation on a completely different level altogether and let me tell you, there were chords and harmonies present on this album that I didn't even realize were there before I listened to the instrumental version! I now have an even higher level of appreciation for this album, which is pretty damn impressive considering I thought it was just about the best music I had ever heard. You guys are the shit- COME TO BOGIES IN ALBANY OR UPSTATE CONCERT HALL IN CLIFTON PARK!!!

Best shit Iv'e ever heard.

yeah so it looks like they use a 28" scale 6 string (72-13)

bareknuckle aftermath pickup, tuning...

F C F Bb A Bb

Seriously, this new album is too good!



I cant seem to find the picture of it but I believe its loaded with a single bareknuckle pickup

Anyone know what they use for guitars? Probably the best sound, to my ears, I have ever heard.

I've updated the content of this page since it is on the headline of the website now:
-BigCartel link lead to nowhere-
-Free downloads lead to megaupload, which is closed, and their release are for sale, not for free (at least for Structures Collapse)-

Jesus H CHRIST! This is so fucking brutal! My ears are recovering!