In Absentia

Horten, Norway


  • Daniel Hoegaas

In Absentia is a studio project by Daniel Hoegaas. It's melodic, gloomy and crispy. Everything you need for an awesome barbeque!

Formerly known as Number Seven.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Sum EP
unsigned August 20, 2012
Blueprint Full-length
Self-released December 9, 2012


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Dude!!! I like your stuff!!! You should definitely have more fans!!

No facebook man?

Hey man your stuff is great! Did you realise that your song Blueprint (Part II) sounds remarkably similar to Friend for a Foes' Niacin?? :S

Only noticed coz I thought yours may have been an instrumental version?

Hi, yeah some vocals would be cool in the future. Working with some people on the matter.

Greetings from Brazil, man.
Nice job!
Are you into put some vocals in the future?

@Cloudedcircles Thank you!

@ Dobloro: Next pieces I'll make will probably have a different arrangement and another mix. but I don't think it's alot I can do to bring out the guitars that much more. They are louder than the rest in general, which is scary because it's easy to ruin the drum mix. I guess the tone and tuning I've got kinda makes it all that dark and that it may be the reason it feels like it's a bit low in the mix, dunno for sure! Thanks alot for checking it out and commenting. Feedback is much appreciated. Laughing out loud

I definitely think that the guitar in your Sum album needs to be brought to the front a bit more, your rhythm guitar sounds like it's an unimportant background noise and it should be front and center above all. I only say all this because other than that I think it sounds pretty freakin solid \m/ Would LOVE to hear more with a different audio arrangement