Germany, NRW


  • Markus Vermeulen
  • Gerrit Quade
  • Pascal Brüll
  • Ja-Min Oh
  • Dario Huppertz

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A young music project that blurs the lines between sophisticated progressive metal and popular music. Without compromising on complexity, Incolors bring color to what used to be painted in just black and white.

That sounds at first like a paintbox. But Incolors sounds more than anything like variety. Because new colors are created when familiar ones are mixed.
The color of Incolors is “prop metal”. Painted with a skilful mix of the ideas and styles of contrasting genres, combining the seemingly incompatible. With the thought of preserving that which so often gets lost in progressive music:

Incolors spans the bridge between progressive and contemporary popular music. Sophisticated progressive metal in the form of pop. Or prop metal for short.
Music that wants to be different. Induced different. That is:

It results from that colorful attitude towards life that the young musicians identify with. That means above all fun trying new things. Fun with music. And a wide range of influences from which Incolors compose their image. Brought to life by composer and guitarist Markus Vermeulen and singer Gerrit Quade in 2012 as studio project Incolors was completed as a band in 2014 with Pascal Brüll on guitar, Ja-Min Oh on bass-guitar and Dario Huppertz on drums. Shortly before this addition there was:

In July 2013, Incolors celebrated their first release with the Diamonds EP.
And Metal Hammer celebrated with them: “This band thrives on change and a built-in abundance of facets.” The Diamonds title song opens into “an irresistible crossover”, creating “2 little hits straight away” with the “epic catchy tune Roses”.
Time for Metal called Diamonds “not your ordinary debut by far” and declared an official purchase recommendation for the EP. “You certainly cannot accuse these musicians of having a lack of ideas or being dreary.”

Incolors are working on their first full-length album „The Unchained“.
Release on June 1st, 2015.
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Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Diamonds EP
unsigned July 7, 2013
The Unchained Full-length
Self-released June 1, 2015


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