Panama City, Panama


  • Paul Steenhuisen - Rhythm Guitar / Composer / Lyrics
  • Adam Larrinaga - Vocals / Composer of Drums
  • Armando Lopez - Bass
  • Juan Diego de Obarrio - Lead Guitar / Production

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Infusion was started in January 2011 and it's been kept underground since then, only performing gigs and shows with no recordings. The band was formerly known as "Lucky Number 13," but due to heavy line-up changes, Paul Steenhuisen, then the sole guitarist, composer, and lyricist, saw it fit to rename the band and take all the music with him. Steenhuisen approached his friend Juan Diego de Obarrio to produce a demo EP, which came to be known as "Eloquence," and since de Obarrio was performing some lead guitar during the recordings, they both figured he might as well be credited as a guitarist in the band. Steenhuisen had not yet found a bass player or drummer at the time, substituted by a digital bass and drum samples, but he approached another friend, Adam Larrinaga, to help out with vocals. After Larringa listened to the songs, he became quite interested in them and decided to not only give his voice to the EP, but to

also stay in the band. After a couple weeks of recording, Paul found a bass player named Armando Lopez, well known for his skills around Panama. Armando fell in love with the style of the music and immediately said yes to being the bass player of the band, and will begin recording in the band's first full-length album. Infusion has not yet found a drummer, but the EP is coming this month, September 2012, and the album is expected to be completed by late 2013 or early 2014 with a slight change of style as the other members become more involved in the writing process.


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