Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


  • Kyle McKnight - Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Drum Programming
  • Mat Reeves - Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Drum Programming
  • Adam Matthews - Vocals, Drum Programming

In late 2008, after taking a hiatus from music, Kyle McKnight began creating the initial foundation of what has become "Intandem". It wasn't long until the music caught the attention of drummer Adam Matthews, whom McKnight had met during his time in the Hamilton, ON based "Threat Signal". After McKnight heard recordings of Matthews performing vocal covers, he suggested that Matthews try out to be the vocalist for his new project instead of taking on the drums. Matthews agreed and the two eventually brought in Hamilton, ON guitarist Mat Reeves, who used to be a guitar student of McKnight. Now as a 3 piece, McKnight, Matthews and Reeves continued to expand upon the songs that had been created and finalized 4 tracks that would end up on their Début E.P. which was released on-line March 30th, 2012. Not limiting themselves to a specific style of music, the group draw from an array of influences that function in tandem to give birth to a unique sound.


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By sweet jebus sandals, hurry the f@ck up with the new album!!1!!1

So when I downloaded this EP, I thought it was pretty good and I kinda liked it. A few months later, I started listening to it again and realized how big of an idiot I was for not seeing how amazing it really is. Now I listen to it almost all the time! Highly recommend this band if you like groovy and melodic music! I can't wait for new material! I stated in an earlier comment that it was amazing, so I guess I did realize how amazing it was. I agree with my past self!

Hey, um, is there any chance of some new material being released any time soon? This EP is still on high rotation on my stereo. Freakin' awesome stuff! Hope to hear from you, Mr McKnight!

This band is awesome and this demo is amazing! I love the melodies that they have going on in all of these songs!

Check out a vocal cover of Tesseract's "Perfection" by Adam Matthews of Intandem.

Mate, this EP is the gear! Nice bit of diversity while still maintaining their sound. It's been on the stereo constantly. Sick mate, sick!

Loved the EP! You guys blend the electronic aspects with the hard rock aspects with the djent and metal perfectly! Absolutely INCREDIBLE! Can't wait to hear more!

Guys, great EP! Diverse atmospheres, especially great vocals (love Djent with less grunting)!

awesome band <3