Phoenix, Arizona, USA


  • Alex Cabrera - Vocals
  • Alan Romero - Guitars
  • Dakota Ellis - Drums
  • Matthew Soza - Bass
  • Ermo Reyes Jr. - Keyboard/Synth

Iscah (Yis-Kah) is a collaboration of five dudes and their separate musical tastes. Coming together under the collective umbrella of appreciation for bands like Tool, Deftones, Glass Cloud, The Contortionist and Monuments; borrowing influence from many bands in between. Iscah (iz-kah) is an Alternative Metal band just outside of Phoenix, Arizona, with progressive metal tendencies and djent fusion. Bringing melody, atmosphere, massive metal sound, and a small hip-hop flair together into one beautiful, organic live setting. Iscah looks forward to performing for you!


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Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Anacrusis EP
Self-released February 27, 2017
For the Birds Single
Self-released July 15, 2017


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