Jakub Żytecki


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Title Typesort icon Rating Label Release date
Demos 2010 Demo
self-released September 11, 2010
Feather Bed EP
Self-released July 18, 2017
Wishful Lotus Proof Full-length
Self-released March 26, 2015


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A collection of all of his demos can be downloaded here: http://rghost.net/2459053

Dancing with Endless Love is one of the best songs that i ever heard. Y are godlike! Song is godlike...

needs more fans, DEFINITELY needs more fans

and new music, one of the best solo musicians in the djent scene

you rock! \m/

This guy is a god.

''AUM'' is so cool! |m|


the rar file i got wouldn't open.... uggh

this dudes improv video is friggin sick

God. It really hurts deep inside to know how 'popular' you are in our dear motherland. Poland is not ready for musicians like J.Żytecki. It's so sad 'we' prefer crap music here, by the Wisła river :/

Still: Keep going. And so I'd be able to remain full of faith and hope.

Jakub Żytecki is one hell of a great guitar player... one to watch for the future. Poland is a land blessed with amazing guitar talent.

Could you help me get those demos? Sad

Very melodic,i don't like it¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

Wait wait wait... it's very melodic and that's why you DON'T like it? That's one of the more surprising sentences I've read recently. I feel like people use 'melodic' as a positive adjective most of the time.

when the download ist still broken, I can send it to you!

who sang on WLP?

Satya's Diary is one of the coolest songs I've heard...just love about half way in when the little solo starts. Chill bumps the first time I heard it, and that's saying a lot.