USA. Warrenton, VA


  • Sean Skeels (Vocals)
  • John Guy (Guitar)
  • Chris Anderson (Guitar)
  • Ian May (Bass)
  • Alex Ritchie (Drums)

Northern VA's Kadima started as a two man band with John Guy and Alex Ritchie. Since the summer of 2010 we have been finding members. We found Christofer Anderson and Ian May during the Fall of 2010. Just recently we found vocalist Sean Skeels. We are now becoming established with three songs that will be on our first upcoming EP. We are all very serious about our commitment to the band and will be looking forward to the future. We have been underground for almost a year. Expect us to rise out the ground soon with a prominent sound.

We are Kadima. Beauty coalesced with brutality. This is what metal is all about … So abrasive you’ll need to catch your breath.

EP Coming Soon!!!


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