Moscow, Russia/Beograd, Serbia/Ontario, Canada


  • Anton "Mars" Markov - Vocals
  • Roman "Arsafes" Iskorotenskiy - Guitars, Vocals, Ethnic Instruments
  • Alexander Miroshnichenko - Bass
  • Alex Smirnov - Drums
  • Dmitriy "Drevo" Sorokin - Percussion
  • Chela Rhea Harper - Guitars, Vocals

Kartikeya are a band based in Moscow, Russia. They play a mix of ethnic-influenced extreme metal and "djenty" progressive metal with lyrical themes centered around Hindu concepts and mythology. They are currently working on their third full length release, "Samudra", with an expected release in 2014.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Oasis EP
unknown 2005
The Battle Begins Full-length
unknown 2007
Mahayuga Full-length
Grailight Productions April 8, 2011
Durga Puja EP
Grailight Productions October 1, 2011
The Horrors Of Home Single
unknown June 22, 2012
Samudra Full-length
unknown 2015


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I owe ya, if your ever in New York, hit me up! The bar is on me!


Check out RUDRA if you dig this kinda stuff.

I added the nocleansinging.com links to our database already. Wink All with the permission of Arsafes, of course.
I also asked him how to order their stuff. You may do this via mail directly from their label. Adress is:

I just got back from No Clean Singing, and I realize I can't buy this Kartikeya anywhere! They gave a great review of this band and had tons of other materials, album artwork, which by the way is great! Videos and the whole djent! Went to the Grailight site couldn't get no information on purchasing any of Kartikeya's releases! How do they become a signed band & you can't buy their work? That's the stupid shit that forces bands to split apart! I need more quality killer shit! Got my Ihsahn 'After' out, and death/jazz metal is the stuff, and still listening to my Hate Eternal, but could use some killer Russian Cold War Stars 'Kartikeya'! Apon checking this review out, on No Clean Singing, I stumbled across 'Sunless Rise'? New band? Anybody?

Russia is holding the cards when it comes to killer, violent new shit, w/djent infused Djadamantium! Omega Dred!

Definitely. Not. For the easily intimidated!

'Durga Puja' sounds like a djenty version of Melechesh. Digging it!

It also should be made known that No Clean Singing (who I write for) and Kartikeya have developed something of a partnership. You can download everything this band has put it from us over at these links...



Became a fan right away, very cool stuff!

Durga Puja! Awesome!

I know. I looked them up because you posted about them multiple times. I guessed it must be interesting but I didn't quite expect to get blown away by this.

Right!?!, There's a forum post, 'what do we do now'...it's for the up-coming year! This is one of the bands I feel is massive & ready for some big things!...forgot to go to their database here! Glad you posted something(became a fan) heavy shit!

Oh. My. God. Listening to "Mahayuga" right now. It's brilliant! Fucking brilliant! This band definitely deserves much more attention.