San Jose, CA, USA


  • Robert Anderson - Vox
  • Andrew Bailey - Drum
  • Chris Lee - Guitars
  • Eric Tampier - Bass

KINETIK is a California technical groove metal band that pushes the boundaries of time and space in the metal genre. Creating riffs and tempos that infect the mind, Kinetik creates a sound of unique metal symphony.

Kinetik’s origins can be traced to the late spring of 2007, when drummer Andrew Bailey connected with guitarist Chris Lee. Their early jam sessions began the technical metal sound that is completely Kinetik. Recruiting bassist Eric Tampier, a jazz bassist, further molded and refined the Kinetik sound. Late in the summer of 2007, Robert Anderson added his distinguishing voice to the band, and established Kinetik as an intense force in the San Francisco Bay Area metal scene.

Kinetik debuted their first single Approaching Infinity in late 2009, which later was released on their EP, Stoppage of Time in 2010. Kinetik went back in the studio in August of 2012 to record their first full-length album at Castle Ultimate Studios with Zack Orhen (All Shall Perish, Warbringer, Decrepit Birth, and Suffocation). The new release is set for worldwide release April 16th, 2013, followed by a strong touring schedule to support the new album, Heavier Elements.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Stoppage Time EP
self-released May 18, 2010
Heavier Elements Full-length
self-released April 13, 2013
Relativity Speaking EP
unknown June 23, 2014


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