Ponte de Sor, Portugal


  • Pedro Mau - Drums, Guitar, Bass
  • Filipe Correia - Vocals (special guest)

Pedro Mau was born on September 12, 1980 and raised in Ponte de Sor, a small town in the south interior of Portugal. His interest in music started at the age 17 when he picked up the drums. Back then he would walk a distance of 8 Km a day, up to his first rehearsal room – an old barn – and give his body and soul to his instrument of choice.

He started out playing with the local City Hall Orchestra and later joined the bands WindScream and Zeus Under My Eyes.

In 1999 he was a founding member of Trust No One, the band which would later become Kneeldown, winning the district competition of the IPJ’s Musicbox contest in three distinct awards: “Best Stage Performance”, “Breakthrough Band” and “First Place”. Thanks to this feat, Kneeldown’s first CD-EP, “06:51am”, was released.

In 2008, after the release of the second EP “Volcano”, Kneeldown split up due to both professional and personal matters.

But Mau wasn’t going to stop and, in 2011, now living in Lisbon - where he works as an art director and digital designer – he stubbornly decides to go after a dream which had not yet been achieved: to record an album! So, back at his home studio, he starts sketching out some ideas and slowly begins working in what would later become his new solo project, KNEEL. He puts his skills to the test and, taking advantage of all available forums and Youtube tutorials, he begins a long journey studying persistently every detail for the conception of an album.

In June 29, 2013 “Interstice” is released. The sounding of this debut album was enhanced by special guest vocalist Filipe Correia of the acclaimed Portuguese underground metal band, Concealment. Mau is responsible for every instrument on the album and he was also the man in charge of the writing, recording, production, mix and mastering process, besides signing the artwork of the album cover.

"Interstice" is highly recomended for those who enjoy heavy music with no formulas, no lame chorus or catchy tunes, where unthinkable rhythms and dissonant chords can completely stifle any trace of melody. A truly mind-blowing sound experience that defies the most extreme followers of heavy music.

Meanwhile the musician

is invited by vocalist/guitarist Filipe Correia and bassist Pedro Lopes to join their new band Wells Valley. They are currently finishing the works on their debut album, which will be out any time soon. The production, mix and mastering will once again be delivered to the multifaceted drummer, Pedro Mau.

Stay tuned!


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Interstice Full-length
Self released June 29, 2013


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