Lest We Forget

Raleigh NC, USA


  • Chris Woolley
  • Jeremiah Barnes
  • Jesse Barnes
  • Jake Tripp

I've put everything i am into a lot of this writing. I dealt with losing a friend to suicide and processing these emotions, I've spoken about accepting who you are, walking along with your demons as a part of you, how to move on when there is no hope and how to have a defined conviction., This is years of agony and screaming inside myself trying to Understand who i am and why i matter. I have something to say that people need to here. I want to reach out to others who feel like i do so they know they aren't alone, and there is always hope as long as you create it for yourself. Please take the time to listen to this album. This is more than music. This everything i am as a person and I have torn myself from the inside album to make this album possible. You are only what you allow yourself to be. When everything falls apart that is your chance to rebuild and grow. You only hit your ceiling if you let yourself. Never be content. This is the key to happiness.


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Title Typesort icon Rating Label Release date
Of Greater Things EP
Self-released September 15, 2016


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