Lore From Thread

Bandung, Indonesia


  • Isal - Song Writter/Guitarist
  • Randy - Bassist
  • Oka - Guitarist
  • Aden - Drummer
  • Iqbal - Vocalist

Lore Thread From Bandung-based band that brought the genre of metalcore / Progdjent was formed on 15 January 2014. They comprised, Fahmi as lead vocal, guitar blocking Iqbal as well as music producer, guitar riffing Isal as well as lead guitar, Randi as bassist, Oka as ambient guitar at the same time blocking element and Ridwan as Drummer. The reason we formed this band (Lore From Thread), we expects provides musical influences "easy listening with heavy tights of middle range guitars sound (Djent) and impressive modern music". Well, if in wondering about the name, why was named "Lore From Thread"? We got influence from our perspective inherent in daily life - the day that, "everything must will shade / meaning of insight into the common "thread" that will lead to a character to build an identity patent" and therefore we named our band "Lore from Thread ". Haha ... So Deep. Flashbacks trip several months in 2015, Fahmi and Iqbal decided to resign from the Lore From Thread. And now the new position of five personnel including, Iqbal Nugraha as lead vocal (for while), Isal as chugging guitar, lead guitar once Song writter, Randi as bassist, guitar blocking Oka as well as ambient guitar and Aden as Drummer. Hopefully this band in the future trip more riveting and of course his special for us "Lore From Thread" always struggling contributed music "Best Of the Best" for the metal head of this universal feast. Stay djently and Hail Progdjent !!!


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