Richmond, Indiana, USA


  • Blackula - Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Programming
  • Drew Dishman - Vocals
  • Matt Allen - Bass

Lucrecia is a breath of fresh air in today's musical scene. While other bands are spewing out re-hashed deathcore or August Burns Red covers, Lucrecia is taking a step in the opposite direction. Fusing elements of the new musical craze Djent, Progressive Metal, Shred Solos, and Ambiance, Lucrecia will take you on a sonic adventure filled with unicorns and detuned guitars. While Lucrecia is not a concept band, each song title refers to a real life situation. The songs are tailored to create an audiovisual sound scape to illustrate the setting and portray the situation. Some parts may sound rough, some parts may be flawless, but each part is orchestrated to explain the song title. Turn the volume up, sit back, and listen to the behemoth that is Lucrecia. Also, if you are savvy with making logos, get ahold of me!


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Demo 2011 Demo
unsigned March 22, 2011
Amnesia Full-length
Unknown 2012
1291 EP
Self-released February 14, 2012
Graves EP
unknown January 24, 2014


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New ep is pretty crazy and fully instrumental, reminds me a whole lot of The Dillinger Escape Plan during the chaotic parts

Keep up the good work. Loving the technicality. And not to be a hater, but the vocals could use some work... Or mabe you should take it in an instrumental direction. No harm in that.

Loving the shit out of Serenade, dude! keep up the fantastic work Smile

If you need help with a logo still, hit me up, maybe I can help.

Thanks bud! Spread the word!

Fuckin sick!

Very good stuff. Waiting to hear more! Smile