Make Me A Donut



  • Nathan Botelho - Bass
  • Marc Chevalley - Guitar
  • Xavier Ruppen - Guitar
  • Joan Liechti - Drums
  • Valentin Miéville - Vocals

After a first EP released in 2011 in the metalcore/deathcore music genre and more than sixty concerts played all over Switzerland and France (including a remarkable performance at the 2012 Greenfield Festival in Interlaken), Make Me A Donut (also know as MMAD) are back with a new album, a new line-up and a new musical style that can clearly be defined as progressive metal in the vein of Structures, Volumes and Vildhjarta.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Olson Full-length
Tenacity Music October 20, 2013
Bright Side Full-length
Tenacity Music October 2, 2015


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One of the most original sounding progressive djent bands out there. The French keep putting out amazing stuff for the djent scene it seems. This band deserves a lot more attention because they know how to Th0ll where it counts!

Make Me A Donut (Swiss Progressive Metal) will release their debut LP "olson" on the 20th of October.

8 tracks of catchy and complex riffing with mind bending time signatures, supported by a flawless production by Vlad Cochet at Conatus Studio (Promethee, Conjonctive, Attack Vertical, Mirrorthrone, …).