Sireköpinge, Sweden


  • Christian Vasselbring - Guitar
  • Samuel von Hoffsten - Drums
  • Niklas Dahre - Bass
  • Jonas Olsson - Guitar
  • Simon Romberg - Vocals

Malum is a five-piece metalcombo from southern Sweden that was summoned out of the ashes from Svart Tanke in the year 2005, this is how we've been described:

Malum sounds like a young Meshuggah who's been eavesdropping on hardcore and then gotten angry at something. What I'm not certain of, but I don't really have time to think about it anyways. Because the headbanging factor is high in these tight, brutal metal tracks, which sound as if they've been spit out with pissed off and uncensored inspiration. The production is just right, it feels like lashes in the ears. I'm not certain as to whether this is intentional or not, considering this is a self-made demo, but regardless which, I think these Scandinavians have found just the right sound for what they're trying to do. Later this year 'Fruit' will be released as a split on the German label Ampire Records, and I foretell a bright future for the band, even though they themselves would rather it'd be a dark one.

Written by: Sara Falkstad,, May 2008

Swedish Malum focuses on quick, heavy chugs. The razor sharp attack on ‘Fruit’ [7/10] is based just as much on modern, challenging hardcore as relentless thrash metal of the brutal but technical school. The focus is not on intricate measures but on sly breaks and unexpected twists. Even as the monotonous chugging breaks loose, two layers are always present, the first just as pleasing for the ears as the other. The go of the finishing track ‘Caryopsis’ is like an orgasmic bomb raid for the soul. I am forced to lie down when the last tone has stopped sounding.

Written by: David Jannati, Close-Up Magazine Issue No' 102, July/August 2008

Strong rhythms and hard grooving Malum hails from Landskrona(Sweden). The mechanical brutal music lacks regular riffs and concentrates everything on a fat and snarly go, enriched by occasional ghost-like guitar licks. Which is absolutely the right thing to do. Like many times before Meshuggah acts as role models. Malum has also studied their masters well and the three tracks are well worth the effort to get to know better. If the future releases keeps the same unpolished and raw sound it would make me really happy

Written by: Andreas Rana, Sweden Rock Magazine Issue No' 45, 2007


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Angel Descending EP
Self-released February 2005
Fruit EP
Self-released June 2008
Persona To Object in Six Acts Split
Ampire Records August 2009


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