Szczecinek, Poland


  • Michał (Michu) Piesiak - Bass, Vocals
  • Tadeusz (TeDe) Piesiak - Guitar
  • Adrian (Adi) Dubiński - Guitar
  • Jakub (Marcia) Marciniak - Drums

The first rehearsal took place in 13th Novermber, 2007. Compostion of the group comprised three guys at the time: Tede = guitar and vocal, Mihu - bass and vocal and Marcia - drums. By the year Materia has been creating some stuff. In 2009 they recorded a demo CD named "Vandals". In 2010 Adi joined the team, long time friend of the crew and got down to the business of another guitar. In 2011 band recorded EP Holidays On The Angels Insland. In 2013 there's going to be a realease of a debut album "Case of Noise". In three years time the band gathered a lot of serious achievements and concerts. To the most important and spectacular ones we can include: performance on the Warsaws' airport Bemowo on Sonisphere festival in 2012, with celebritied like Metallica, Slayers, Megadeth or Anthrax. The band took part in a competition to the Go Agead agency and became a laureate and the prize was a performance on the scene of Red Bull on XXX Jubilee Festival in Jarocin, in 2012. The band had beed also observed during the elimination to Woodstock 2009 and semi-final in Gdynia where they won a special prize of recording session in Izabelin Studio. In 2011 Materia got to the semi-final again but that time they won the competition. The performance on the Big Stage at Woodstock 2011 was the result of it. Materia couldn't be more proud to brag a little of achevieing the first place in the International Festival Rock at Night in 2012. To the achievements of the band we can include a lot of first places at the festivals and a lot of competitions, for example in Warsaw, Wrocła, Hajnówka. We play just because we belive this is fucking awesome shit (thing).


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Vandals Demo
unknown September 1, 2009
Holidays On The Angels Island EP
unknown August 25, 2011
Case of Noise Full-length
unknown January 25, 2013


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