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Huntington Beach, USA


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'professional' thing on my website: I'm an audio engineer, musician, live production technician, sound designer, voice actor, studio consultant, and an avid metalhead. The services I offer encompass any and all of my skills, and will match the quality heard in the industry today. I have been recording and engineering music since 2004. I'm the owner of Qapla Productions, LLC, a rock and metal production company. In June 2011, I received a Bachelor's of Applied Science in Sound Arts from Ex'pression College. I'm currently living in southern California, and am fully equipped to send and receive project files from anywhere in the world. I am always available for house calls, and can move or travel if needed.

Please contact me if there is anything I can do for you.

The real Max Karon: ^____^

I am not opposed to starting a dropbox project with someone(Drunk random. I'm into sharing shit openly. Who gives a fuck.


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Will To Exist Full-length
Self-released February 8, 2012


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Max Karon is a sexy man and he has mastered both Soul Cycle albums.

Hell Yea! Some SoCal Djent Wink Love the album man great work.

Very very nice!!!