Means End

Stockholm, Sweden


  • Robert Luciani - vocals
  • Rasmus Hemse - bass
  • Christian Schreil - drums
  • Leonard Östlund - guitars

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Means End was formed in late 2011 when bassist Rasmus Hemse and drummer Christian Schreil were looking to build a progressive metal band. Joined by acclaimed vocalist Robert Luciani and fusion guitarist Leonard Östlund, the band envisioned a sound inspired by artists like Eric Whitacre, Yellowjackets, Devin Townsend, and Meshuggah. In a few short months Means End released an EP with three songs to showcase the style they would be standing for and began composing a full length album. For the remainder of 2012, the band built endorsement partnerships with Toontrack, Fractal Audio, Lundgren pickups, and Microsoft which helped them make world class recordings without the backing of a label, and partnered with Eric Whitacre to make a linear tempo metal rendition of his epic choir composition "Nox Aurumque". After a year of focused composition and collaboration, Means End released their debut album "The Didact" as a self-managed group and set their aim forward once again.


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Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Self-released August 31, 2011
The Didact Full-length
Self-released May 1, 2013


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Sad to see one of the most creative and inspiring bands call it quits.

Never thought Rob would be back after leaving Vildhjarta... Anyways, I hope they put a little more crushing thallsome sound in their new releases.

cant wait for these guys to release a full length album! the anticipation!

There're due, for something new! Not too long after the formation, they dropped the ep. Nothing since...? This could be their year!

I was very impressed with this little 3 song teaser. The eerie, ambient, atmospheric vocals create a unique blend. Definitely check these guys out if you like interesting music. I'll be keeping my eye on Means End