Cape Town, South Africa


  • Ruan Jordaan - Guitar
  • Louis Henn - Guitar
  • Eren Nuri Grobbelaar - Bass
  • Dane Canterbury - Drums
  • Thomas Theron - Vocals

Megalodon was brought to life in 2010 with the combined creative minds of Ruan Jordaan and Nuri Grobbelaar. It reached its point of completion with the additions of Thomas Theron, Louis Henn and Alex Toua, who departed the band in 2011 and was replaced with long-term drumming connection, Dane Vincent Canterbury. The 5-piece metal sonance was now ready to begin turning ears and blowing minds with a unique new sound.

Being the first South African metal band to grace the scene with two 8-string guitars, they soon became the first band to take the Metal4Africa stage without any prior performances under their belt. They then went on to open for the highly acclaimed Haggis and Bong at the “Of Myth and Legend” album launch followed by Whiplash ‘12, Rock the River ‘12 and RAMfest Cape Town ‘13, in the company of Bring Me the Horizon and Rise Against.

In 2013 Megalodon released their debut album, Darkness in Sonance, backed by Burning Tone Records. They were then chosen to participate in the battle for Wacken Open Air 2013, where they played their way to the finals and performed for their Pretoria-based fans for the first time. They also returned to Metal4Africa’s Winterfest ‘13 stage and closed the year with the release of their single, “Apex”. Soon after the release of “Apex”, Megalodon released their next single “Obliteration by Incorporation”, followed by their first show of

2014, The Monolith. Continuing to play high profile shows, the band, in September 2014, set off on their first tour to Johannesburg and shared stages with the likes of Maximum Carnage, Bleeding Spawn, Bile of Man and Fokofpolisiekar. 2015 has brought more opportunities to perform alongside ever-rising bands and Megalodon plan to keep entertaining fans to the best of their ability. The future of 2015 will be spent working on material for their second upcoming studio album.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Darkness in Sonance Full-length
Burning Tone Records March 30, 2013


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I'm sorry about that dude. It's up to our label. I'll tell you what. If you send me your email address, I'll send our two new singles to you FREE OF CHARGE.

Kind Regard.


I can't believe I paid $15 for a digital download of this album and now it costs $6. Don't I feel ripped off! I mean, don't get me wrong I like the music but damn. Guess I should have waited.

Hey guys.

Long time. Been studying and writing exams. Just a quick update.

The price for the album has been reduced by a considerable amount.

Now get downloading and feel the groove of our "terror metal".


I am so glad I bought this album. It was completely worth every penny to be able to crank it directly up into my eardrums. This is the best musical purchase I've made in awhile- you guys are an amazing addition to the got-djent Community. If you happen to come to NY I recommend playing at a little club called bogies in Albany. It's a metal joint, and not to mention it's right around the corner from me Wink so impressed with this album though, can't say it enough.......

Hey man. Thank you very much for your support. Unfortunately we can't reduce the price as that is set by our label. We do however recommend that people buy the physical copy as it is just amazing to behold. I know Nuri is keen to tour (anywhere), but we'll see how it goes. Again. Thank you.



F*ck it I broke down and bought it anyway. I can honestly say it's worth the money. Now come to Albany, NY and play in my backyard!

I would love to buy a physical copy but I am unable to import music from CD's into my iTunes library at this time for some reason. Unfortunately that's the only way I can listen to music. I can't even preorder the coming Tesseract album because of that too!! But I may break down and buy it from bandcamp anyway because the more I listen to your album the more I want it on my iPod!!!! Killer shit dudes!! I would still really really appreciate a slight price reduction though. Smile

You can get a physical copy at . They are R100 (ZAR) excluding shipping.

I think these guys might like Meshuggah, I can't tell Wink I like the sound of the album and I'd like to buy it but it's just so damn expensive!!! $15 on bandcamp??? Isn't that a bit steep guys?