Magdeburg, Germany


  • Marcus B.

Hey guys, here's the first teaser for the upcoming EP "Beyond the Heroic Anthem" in Summer 2017.
A little lick I messed around with while the writing process.
The new stuff will be quite different from what i've done musically
in the past. The EP will contain some conventionally instrumental
songs as well as orchestral/electronic music, so it becomes more a concept album.
I will release some more teasers/snippets during the next month,
always I have new tracks recorded. So stay tuned, and check out
my music and videos in the links below and feel free to follow,
subscribe and share if you like it.



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Self-released March 3, 2012
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unknown September 22, 2012


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thanks man!! glad to hear that Wink

regards from germany

I'm speechless Stare !!! I've heard the EP and I've loved it!!!

Keep up the great work !!!!