Hybrid Reality

Mohács, Hungary


  • K.E. Lenhard - vocal/guitar/bass/synth

The idea of this project was in the background of my mind for years. I wanted to create music based on more than one style, and have to worry about expectations.
At first, I was thinking on a band level, but it didn't work out, mostly because of the lack of background knowledge.
My first shot at a solo project was in 2008. I put together a few very simple demos under the name Theater of the Shades, but I wasn't really satisfied with them, so I dropped the whole thing due to lack of motivation and experience. Of course I kept on experimenting.
A few years later, when I was singing and playing guitar in a band called Message from the Otherside, I showed one of my demos to the guys, which led to me having to write all the music.
After the band split up, mostly because of family reasons, for a time I didn't want to be actively involved in music, but at the end of summer something just clicked and I wanted to start a solo project again. On the 12th of January, 2012, my first EP came out, called Infinity.
After a few months of chillin', with some new ideas I started planning the record of second EP. On 12th of August I released the first song, called Prometheus.
Meanwhile, after a long think I decided, that I want to take the songs of this project to stage.
On the 3rd of november the second EP has been released with the title of Nexus of Eden and also the project debuted live, on the same day in Pécs.


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Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Infinity EP
unknown January 12, 2013
Nexus of Eden EP
unknown November 3, 2013


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