• Cesar - Guitars, Bass
  • Matt - Drums, Vocals

Messtizaje was founded in Berlin in november 2013 by brothers Cesar and Matias Cuculic (also founders of the metal act "Kava Hu") with the purpose of making a project where they could experiment with all of their musical influences mixed together. They started writing and pre-producing songs that same month the group was formed. By may of 2014 all songs where finished and started recording a promo EP titled "Freak Your Mind" where Matt Cuculic was in charge of the production and Cezz Cuculic of the co-production and arrangements. All instruments were played and programmed by the duo themselves. The album presented a wide number of genres such as metal, reggae, trap-hop, hip-hop, bossa, latin among others, featuring as well, lyrics in different languages. The promo EP was received with good reviews and promoted through a music video of the song "Freak Your Mind", receiving 10000 plays on its first week. The duo presented the songs in an acoustic format in a leg of shows in south of spain and berlin. Right now, the band is finishing recording their first official EP which will contain re-recorded versions of 3 songs from the promo EP and other 3 new unreleased songs. In the summer of 2015 they released a video of the multi-language song "Wir Sind Schon Bereit" where the brothers sing in English, Spanish, French and German. The duo is still playing live in acoustic format, and now they're also prepared to hit the stage in electric format with session musicians. The band constists of Matt Cuculic (Vocals) and Cezz Cuculic (Guitar).


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Freak Your Mind EP
unknown August 1, 2014


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