Midnight In Alaska

Brisbane, Australia


  • Billy Ferguson - Vocals
  • Anthony Di Fiore - Bass
  • Mark Dingle - Drums
  • Curtis Mitchell - Guitar
  • Kieran Foxe - Guitar

In a genre that seems to seamlessly and increasingly churn out band after band, it is becoming rarer to find a group that will stick it out and do what is takes to get somewhere and to achieve what it has set out to do, Midnight in Alaska is such a band.

Leaving the past firmly where it belongs, they are adamant to prove themselves once again with a lineup shot with fresh blood and ideas, being influenced greatly of late by djent music, a new direction for their debut album is going to produce some ripples in the pond that is Brisbane hardcore/metal. Always striving to become better musicians above all in every aspect, the direction headed leaves their ep, Ruins, in the dust, gasping for air. The desire to make this album is going to take MIA places it had always hoped, but never thought it would go, both musically and otherwise.

Although immensely proud of what it had managed to achieve with their debut ep, MIA are almost impetuous in their efforts to make themselves succeed, but after all, isn't that what it takes? The mentality of the new credo is to provide grooves that will have you two stepping till your feet turn to powder and breakdowns that will rend your loins in twain, not to mention riffs that will cause ear canal blisters with the shock and awe of their technicality and feel.

Taking most of 2011 to write new material and solidify their lineup, 2012 is really when MIA are going to show their colours, coming into their own, they are heading to Sweden in may to record their first full length with legendary production team Fredrik Nordstrom and Henrik Udd, and after the release of the album will be touring extensively, spreading their album across this desolate rock we call home.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Ruins EP
unknown 2009
Boundless Full-length
unknown June 12, 2013


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