Maybe That's Why Humans Drink The Darkness That Is Coffee

Stockholm, Sweden


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This Swedish quartet, abbreviated as MTWHDTDTIC, has the distinction of having a name that is as unique as it's sound. Theie first album 'Window to the World' got some decent attention, much thanks to the staff here at got-djent. However, while their follow-up album 'Dum' was nagged and scarred with every problem, issue, and delay known to this earth, it was finally finished and has been released for while now (see below). This band promises (and delivers) ambi-djent like you've never quite experienced it before. Be sure to check out their unique sound, because you won't regret it.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Window to the World Full-length
unknown August 25, 2012
The Notebook Single
unknown March 23, 2013
Dum Full-length
unknown May 25, 2014
Perfect Sun Full-length
Self-released January 27, 2017


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Uuhh... me like the strange atmo... sounds!n' creepy...

Really bizarre mixture here! But it's more than that

I have never heard a mess that is this band before. Not a bad mess. Not at all. Far from it. Listening to them is like an acid trip. Listen to them now. It's free drugs basically. I hear influences from Vildhjarta, Sikth, and a tad bit Meshuggah, but other than that, they're almost completely their own.

Complete madness. I like. I like indeed. Probably not for a Saturday arvo BBQ with the family and friends though... : )

Band name and the logo are insane indeed. No idea about the music though. Where can I listen to it?

This is sick. And I love sickness.

the logo is is the music!