Lugano, Switzerland


  • Giancarlo Licci (drums)
  • Marco Romero (vocals)
  • Lukas Zdrazil (guitar)
  • Patrick Zulian (guitar)
  • Maurizio Veri (bass)
  • Yan Hirschbuehl (synths/programming)

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Nakaruga reaches from Switzerland and was formed in 2008 by Lukas and Giancarlo ; friends and bandmates in their first formation called Demise.

Their target would be to create a new shape of sound. From a musical point of view, the idea was to take harmonically simple elements and implement them through twisted, powerful riffs and rhythmically unusual drum figures. Importantly, electronics and s
ynthesizers were used to add more intensity to atmospheres and open a new & larger spectrum of creativity & expression, all framed in the context of a pure and involving groove attitude.

Needless to say, for such an ambitious purpose, talented, experienced & creative musicians were needed. Immediately enthusiastic about this project was Idris Rached, the most experienced singer of his kind in town, who at once persuaded the guitarist Patrick Zulian (leader and member as well of Morbus Gravis) to join the band.

Eventually, the basic line up was completed by Maurizio Veri, who had recently been with another important band called “Falling silence” & was in search of something new where his musical skills could be applied. The immediate feeling was that with these guys the results would be amazing.
The structures of the tracks were almost completed and a discussion about who could do the electronics started.
Here Yan Hirschbühl, an expert in graphics, designing and sound made his appearance. In spite of his lack of time, Yan willingly assumed his full role in Nakaruga.

Nakaruga chosed 4 tracks & decided to record a promo-cd and after hard work the result was stunning! The Promo will be released soon and the band is now working to get ready for live appearance.


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Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Nakaruga EP
unknown unknown
Terramorpher Full-length
unknown 2015


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that sing on it song is beastly. well done.

NAKARUGA "SING ON IT" EVENT --> New track pre-production (2012)