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Cut EP
Unsigned 2009
I Am Afraid Full-length
Unsigned 2009
The Dying Immortal Man Full-length
Unsigned 2009
Heart EP
Unsigned 2010
Monstrum Full-length
Unsigned 2010
Tenerezza Full-length
Unsigned 2010
1 Full-length
Unsigned 2010
My Monastery EP
Unsigned September 5, 2010
Ombra EP
Unsigned March 24, 2011
Bad Blood Full-length
Unsigned August 24, 2011
SCD Full-length
Unsigned January 13, 2012
Izverg Full-length
Unsigned June 24, 2012
Death, My Love Full-length
Subliminal Groove Records March 21, 2013
Full Black EP
Subliminal Groove Records May 27, 2013
Mechta O Mechte Full-length
Subliminal Groove Records September 9, 2013
6 EP
Subliminal Groove Records October 25, 2013
Nemertines Full-length
Subliminal Groove Records September 9, 2014
Ikona. Revolucia. Full-length
Subliminal Groove Records April 14, 2015
Bird Murder EP
Subliminal Groove Records July 17, 2015
Teen EP
unknown April 29, 2016


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im fkin in love with this man... you can check this too guys some nice EP by him

WTF are you man? I swear I could not listen to anything after listening to one of your albums. I have been visiting got-djent for quite a few years now but this is the first I signed up, became a fan and posted a comment. That's a big fu**ing thing. You are it, you are all. Most of all, you are one.

My body feels funny when I listen to Nemertines... Stare

Hey dude! I'm a huge fan! You have an amazing tone and quality to your stuff, I was just curious if you record with an amp and a mic with a pre-amp/and or interface? or do you plug straight into your interface? I don't know much about this stuff, you've inspired me to make my own music in my own home, just wanted some insight from someone who does it right! :]

You can get Mechta O Mechte on CD on IfMerch. Just go through

AMAZING. Favourite Artist.

wow, i usually hate instrumental, but this is awesome. he makes it seem easy to create music with so much atmosphere without the use of vocals

Dude, A Tale of Two Tattoos <3

Ah, shit... if you like Sabrina Scissor's work...

With Ryan Wall!!!

I can't use any of these, I can't put these on a disc is there any chance you could put some of these on bandcamp for free download or explain why they don't work for me?

I'm really into Nemertines right now, SCD and Izverg are getting blasted daily....these scary tones mixed with heavy djent is a perfect combination. I just found all your old stuff for free download, I'm very excited. Can I find your "Sabrina Scissor" facebook page or do you not have a personal page besides Nemertines? I'm also picking Izverg in my top 5 albums of the year.

i know a lot of great music. i know artists from every corner of the industry and i will say nemertines is one of the most innovative and creative/quality artists ive ever had the pleasure of discovering. He has mastered the sound of djent to such a HIGH quality of recording that ill only listen to him for like a week cuz no other bands supply such a "pure" djent guitar strum and product. every song is different in a completely unheard of way and anything thing he makes really makes me stop and say holy fuckin shit.


Psycho djent/math rock!!!

I'm not Scissors. I'm Scissor Smile

2 Sabrina Scissors
certainly heard! like it!! and a new song liked too, keep it up, good work)

Hey, I just finished listening to the majority of your new album and I really love the grooves you create, and how you enhance them with atonal melodies. I also like how the drums are a little different from a lot of what you hear in this music right now.

I think some bands are hard to discern from each other, but what you made with Bad Blood is unique, and I'm loving it. Keep up the good work.

I really like the new production values on Bad Blood. It sounds a lot more professional and closer to Meshuggah, Idoler and Bulb. I just have one request! Can you give the drums some love? I think djent is best when the drums are like Mehsuggah and Bulb, "math drums" with a heavy, bass kick drum that follows the guitar.
The drums you have are more like classic rock drums... they're just kinda there... not really doing anything but leading/following the song. Just a request, I love those kinds of drums because they become their own instrument, they match the strumming on the guitar and it's like IDM (intelligent dance music, which is electronic music with a lot of kicks) plus it's just so much more interesting because I get bored of classic rock drums really quickly. Just sayin' Smile

A new track called "Frustration" makes u fill like suicide

Lots of melodic was in Bad Blood. I'm sorry, but next album will be more groovy and much heavier )

ieatmybrain, Thanx bro!) Sorry, on got-djent we should talk english. Just rules. Did you listen to Bad Blood?

Sure that would be cool! I think it'd be neat if you combined Acoustic with Djent! I really like the band Opeth, but it's just because they mix acoustic with heavy guitars and always sneak it in there. But the acoustic is just a thought Tongue I think you could make some cool, relaxed "Ambidjent" stuff Smile

если ты из России, то огромная тебе уважуха! просто охрененно! завис уже на месяц, зацепило, необычно, свежо и приятно, нашёл свой звук!

are u from russia too?) Ili che za huynya proishodit epte blya?))

heard Ili for the first time today and instantly downloaded the latest Ep .that track is just incredible,maybe i will make some vocals for it when i will have a lots of inspiration to do that Laughing out loud
so from russia ? pizdata paluchaetsa u tebja Smile

It's ok) Do you want a full track with the style you like?

Hey sorry if what I said was rude or anything. Your music is pretty cool, I'm looking for all the relaxed parts, could you help me out? I want to make a mix of stuff like at 2:09 in the song: Nothing. Those little interludes are very nice in djent music!

where can i download the entire discography????

Thanx dude! not a lady) Sabrina Scissor is just an alias.

Imma listen to that shit. Is this just one sick Lady doing all the stuff??? Just listened through that youtube channel. No annoying keyboards on there. Just nicely played grooves. Really enjoyed that. Go on with what ever da fuck you are doing, im diggin it!

well Nemertines have 22 albums..
and at first I make this sick music fo myself )

This band is SICK! She's got 3 albums AT LEAST and the guitar sound is BADASS! Little Djent sounds this digital or this good. Unfortunately.... this is Ruined by repetitive songs (a problem thats very common in rock) not only that but, MANY songs are RUINED by the keyboards and "Happy" chords. It kills it. You go from "Badass" to"la la la look at me picking flowers"
Examples include: -20, I called an album your name, Nobody, a flower, and Verse. Don't get me wrong though, It goes on and on Nemertines KILLS the majority of her songs with keyboards, they sound like they're made for little trendy happy UK kids that like Nightmare Before Christmas and comb their hair like Emos while the girls turn gay just so they can have sex with other girls and not get pregnant! (the latest trend) Sad
My favorite example is from the song Nasty on the My Monastery album, it LITERALLY SUCKS at 38 seconds in, these Happy Emo friendly trendy keyboards come in and ruin it when the intro WAS SICK!!! (lost another one)
Now on the PLUS side, the following tracks are Great, even though they get old kinda quick: Good Bye, Irratation, Interesting (Killer Djent intro, song is damaged heavily by unnecessary keyboards though) Disbalance (I think this song is the ONLY one that uses the Keyboards PERFECTLY)
Also, I think Sabrina Scissors does that art and it's about the closest I've seen to my style of art, no one has even come close but Sabrina's is pretty cool. Yeah its kinda cheesy, typical "Dark teenager stuff" (you can tell she likes Nightmare Before Christmas)but it works.
Finally, theres the 3rd aspect of this band: Ambiance. Tracks like : silentium, amore, and near serve to extend the experience and give a sort of "environment" to the other songs.
I think you need more breaks in your songs, like at 2:09 in the song "nothing" on the album: The dying immortal man. That part was SO cool because I could take a break from that loud ass guitar and actually hear some instruments!
Also! the part at 2:53 (on the song:nothing)is BEAUTIFUL!!! I wish it was LONGER!!! Could you made more parts like that and less with the twinkling fairy happy flower time Keyboard??? I'm gonna try cutting these songs when I get a chance, just so I don't have to put up with that annoying keyboard!