Glasgow, Scotland, UK


  • Liam Hesslewood - vocals (2013-present), guitar (2013-2015)
  • Craig Rankin - bass, vocals (2013-present)
  • Danny Cameron - drums (2013-present)
  • Ross Cloughley - guitar (2016-present)
  • Calum Stansfield - guitar (2013-2016)
  • Andrew Macdonald - guitar (2015-2016)

The band began life as a recording project for Liam Hesslewood. Following a turbulent 2012, there was an outpouring of creativity that resulted in an albums worth of material.A varied selection of melody driven metal songs and softer ballads, with massive potential. All that was needed was a band to develop and play the songs. Upon recruiting Calum Stansfield, Craig Rankin and Danny Cameron over the space of 3-4 months, a massive overhaul of the demo’s recorded and musical style began.

This led to a heavier, groovier overall sound with huge choruses, dark ambient passages and a vocal style, which can soothe you or spit in your face. Neshiima hit the local live scene in October 2013 as the main support for Skyharbor (Basick Records). This show was incredibly successful and would be a platform to help showcase the band in the early stages. Jump forward to April 2014 and massive steps forward have been taken. The band released their debut EP ‘Distance’. Featuring the singles ‘Rebuild’ and ‘Madness’ and was released with a full merchandise range.

At this point they had gathered a small but loyal following in Glasgow that is ever growing. Neshiima had now shared the stage with various worldwide artists such as DJ Lethal (ex-Limp Bizkit), Uneven Structure and Hacride. The rest of 2014 consisted of playing as many shows up and down the UK as possible to build their fanbase.

Andrew Macdonald joined in February 2015 to relieve Liam of his guitar duties. Later Andrew would be replaced with Ross Cloughley, who would remain Neshiima's only guitarist as Calum decided to leave the band in 2016.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Distance EP
Self-released May 1, 2014
Beware of Gifts EP
Self-released August 28, 2015


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