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  • Burnet Jordan

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(formerly known as Bassicks)

I'm an french composer of metal. Recording with a RGA 8 Ibanez with lundgren M8 pickups. I'm talking about my vision of life: the void, the death and the nonsense of humanity.
Influence: Vildhjarta, Meshuggah, Gojira, Russian Circles, Mastodon, Spawn Of Possession, The Faceless, Tesseract, Necrophagist, Animals As Leader, Humanity's Last Breath, Shining(NOR), Uneven Structure, Lorn and the algorithm for electronic music and more....


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Alone EP
unknown April 14, 2013
A Life In Nonsense Full-length
unknown August 20, 2014
The Way To The Black Light Full-length
Self-released November 14, 2016


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