San Francisco, CA, USA


  • Chazz McConnell - Lead/Rhythm Guitars, Synth/Bass/Drum Arrangements
  • Max Seeman - Guitar Solos/Additional Lead Guitars
  • Nate Vennarrucci - Guitar Solos/Additional Lead Guitars
  • Mark Hawkins - Guitar Solos/Additional Lead Guitars

N O V A is the biproduct of Chazz McConnell, (SOL ASUNDER), and Max Seeman, (ANOMALOUS), delivering thought provoking instrumental music in razor sharp production. The full length, "Invert Theory", is available now free


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Invert Theory Full-length
unsigned February 3, 2011
Ark Earth Full-length
Unsigned October 1, 2011


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Hello Djent! how r u? i am fine. I am happy. New Dubstep project via me (Chazz McConnell), and long time band mate Brian Kenny.

The project is called AmonRa, and if there's anything about Nova's ambient electronic vibe that you like, you may find stuff in AmonRa that grabs your musical junk!

u can download the new album free here

no sorry.

Been meaning to this the 'Shadow Puppets' NOVA? If not...disregard!

where can i download the album

you guys kick ass!! i checked out your other bands and was amazed with what i heard because i myself play in a death metal band. you guys are on the edge at all times in your writing, very diverse

First, thanks for the trust and second keep everything in it's place, vocals included. I do not feel those vocals fit NOVA, but those projects on there own can do work! NOVA probably is more ahead as a project due to lack of chefs in the kitchen,I know what it's like having to compromise direction and precisely articulating without the weight of opinion. YO, ONTOGENY is ready, some musical knots but that shit can hang with all those death metal cats. Mind you it's not reinventing the guillotine but, ONTOGENY could be doin Wacken. The project that I personally will be interested in the future is IF DEAD STARS FELL. Right now I feel it's a little rushed. As the music rises so does the vocals, at the same time, then both fall from there brilliance to ash. I think the idea is right but the result is messy. It may be the right producer to get that distinct separation that brings out that complex degree of emotion your looking for. Also, it seems those vocals are really trying to speak the emotion I only feel through industrial,electronic, synth type of music. Earlier this year I found that Darkwave genre through Metropolis-Mailorder and I can't help but think adding a more heavy synth influenced sound is really going make the difference, but par it off with those acoustics if you do. The music of NOVA is going to need something else as vocals go, but if you stay instrumental I'm there. I hate the fact that music like NOVA,David Maxim Micic, Tre Watson and instrumental metal are limited to the exposure. SlipStream.

hahaha DUDE! you must be a vocalist, or at least write lyrics or something. not the normal 'blogger' this guy...fuckin awesome and classic got-djent rare form haha.

well you clearly have a wide range of vocal favorites so i humbly show you my other projects that i sing for. perhaps these styles will merge for nova3...perhaps something new...perhaps instrumental i still haven't decided but thought provoking opinions like this will guide my decision.
-chaz (clean) (scream)

Glad you asked. What I like isn't exactly what is en vogue of this genre or easy to come by. As far as I'm concerned only powerful clean vocals with sharp changes in it's clean could give this music the attention it deserves. The cleaner parts of Howard Jones(Killswitch) Ray Alder(Fates Warning/Redemption) lead singer of present day Zero Hour, powerful clean lead singers. The recent "Means End" ep I think will be a prime example of what not to rely on when it comes to vocals. Robert Luciani's clean vocals add a depth of distinction to the songs and provide an accessibility that people can project with. The harsh, unless you like the toil and bind, will atrophy the hope by force. The harsh vocals are a black hole that suck with the force of a 1,000 suns. I appreciate all forms of vocal oration but singing is skill, and skilled music deserves skilled singing. Power also over beauty. Present day Lacuna Coil - power vocal. Past Lacuna Coil - beautiful vocal. Amy Lee- power vocal , most European female fronted bands Leaves Eyes, NightWish, Within Temptation, beautiful vocals(a little pretentious for me). I Love music, I love metal falling for this djent genre. I hate talking to people that have no idea what djent is or how great these musician's are. And they won't care until there hit with a sound they can't deny in all settings. Sometimes though you can't deny uniqueness Dave Mustaine-Danzig. I do not know what NOVA means to you. Selfishly for me a vocalist that would trumpet Kal-El through the outer barrier to his destiny of sacrifice.

man thank you. and that's quite deep.

what kind of vocals would you appreciate with nova out of curiosity? i'm on the fence about it for nova3.

If a star dies in the universe and god wasn't there to see it would it's dying light enlighten life's way. My point, I just heard Precambrian and it is solar. Amazing. I need vocals. The dexterity has improved and the structure of song is more precise. I fear the more you grow as a musical piece without vocals and become comfortable as that entity the harder it will be to find a vocalist to fit the image of NOVA. I care because it would be a shame out of vocal frustration that musically you become disenfranchised with NOVA's limited appeal that this music dies. My hope more residual energy is used to as light to the darkness that is vocal limbo. Good luck.

"back up in yo ass wid a resurrection!"

ley? entra? do you speak spanish? that would make you even cooler

@MCGreasy11: DAMN best description ever you rule man!

the tool version of djent!

hey awesome thanx! new album's sounding djental.

ya i have a facebook but i can never find it. dunno what the url is i'll work on that, however soon there will be a whole new thang for my music profiles better then mybook or anything else.

Loving 'Cronomicon'

Don't you guys have a facebook band page?