Seattle, USA


  • Kyle Bishop - Vocals, Keys
  • Victor Olavarria - Drums
  • Justin Lambert - Guitars
  • Ryan Majoris - Bass

Numbers began as the brainchild of Kyle Bishop in early 2011. Tired of not being able to find the right band, Kyle started writing and recording demos through Reason and posting them on his personal soundcloud, with hopes that the right group of musicians would find their way to him. After months of writing and posting his music, drummer Victor Olavarria was directed to Kyle through a mutual friend. Once it became clear that Victor was the right fit, the two turned their attention to finding other members, with Victor bringing in bassist Ryan Majoris and Kyle recruiting his former guitarist, Justin Lambert.

After a few months of writing, rehearsing, and gaining some online exposure through three self-produced music videos, Numbers began playing shows in November of 2011. In February 2012 they began recording their debut EP, which was released in early June 2012.

With everything so far having fallen into place, the band is eager to release and promote their EP throughout the rest of 2012, starting in Seattle and working their way out to wherever their music may take them.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
3-Track Demo Demo
Self-Released November 20, 2011
Numbers EP
unsigned June 7, 2012
Three Full-length
unsigned March 25, 2014
Three (Instrumental) Full-length
unsigned June 3, 2014


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very, very good stuff. seriously.

very good clean vocals, catchy breakdowns, progressive at best. eargasmic.

holy duck cunt, i listened to their ep on bandcamp and it's friggin' awesome!