As Oceans

Boone, North Carolina, USA


  • Logan Lawson - Vocals
  • Joey Diehl - Guitar
  • Pat Tarpey - Guitar
  • Nate Dickens - Bass
  • Ben Dunlop - Drums

As Oceans is a metal band from Boone, North Carolina. Our music is largely conceptual of deep thought and reflection as well as peripheral sensation. Our sound is aggressive and heavy and will not let go till you have bled out of your ears. Thunderous rhythems, fast leads and roaring vocals is what we specialize in. We will warn you our music is not for the faint of heart and manifest the motivation to liberate yourself through head banging and moshing.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Enough Light To Warrant The Contrast Full-length
unsigned July 19, 2012
Split with Wings Denied Split
Self-Released March 3, 2013
The Relics of Axiom Full-length
Unsigned November 5, 2013
Willows EP
unknown March 3, 2015


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Hey Joey, love what I've heard so far.Great stuff. This is Jim, been trying to track you down. Let me know when you guys will playing Fayetteville again.

With the band's recent loss, it's kind of bitter sweet. Also my AOTY...

Didn't think anybody could unseat Koloss as my AOTY... turns out some band out of no where did... and they're not Swedish, not even European... they're American... I am stunned...

Current favorite new album. It's been in regular rotation since I bought it on i-tunes. You guys coming to Saint Louis any time soon?

your band is awesome!

I was kidding haha. This is Zach from Wings Denied Tongue

No, We simply mean our lyrical content deals with the subject matter of peripheral senses. Periphery is one of our big influences though!

By "Peripheral sensation", do you mean the sensation of listening to Periphery? Cause, you guys are fairly different Tongue