Of Burning Empires

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


  • Jaz Parsons - Lead Vocals
  • Billy Melsness - Guitar
  • Benjamin V Cooligan - Guitar/Vocals
  • Robin Parsons - Keyboard
  • John Tesla - Bass
  • Paolo Pace - Drums

We are Of Burning Empires. We formed our band together in Ottawa (Ontario, Canada), fated paths brought the six of us together within a scene that was barely standing. In deciding a direction for our music we looked for a dynamic genre that we enjoyed and would like to bring progressive elements into. Bands such as Reflections, Periphery, Erra, and Born of Osiris gave us horizons to aspire toward while The Used, Motionless in White, Asking Alexandria, and Escape The Fate had revealed to us that the metalcore/emotional platform would be the best place for our individual creativity to shine. In what we do we recognize that we must break the moods of music before us and create something that can be appreciated, and is impressive, respected, and approachable.

In the next year we are aspiring to release our EP in January, and have tour experience by this time next year; gaining a regional following.
After a very successful EP release on January 11th, 2014 we are set to head back to the studio in May (no slowing down). With a little more fundrasing we will be completely ready to head out on the road and never look back.

In the last two years managing ourselves we managed to gain a large following in our local scene, in the last year we ventured to Montreal to get an EP professionally recorded at BirdWAZO studios; the same studio responsible for works from Abandon All Ships, and Skip the Foreplay who signed to Epitaph Records on the EP recorded there. Our first single has reached twelve thousand views on the youtube channel Beheading the Traitor and it has been aired on the radio station CKCU along with our second single Apparition.


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