Of Concepts and Kings

London, Ontario, Canada


  • Connor Atkinson (Vocals)
  • Kam Kellestine (Guitar)
  • Simon Plesko (Guitar)
  • Calvin Nutt (Bass)
  • JJ Sorensen (Drums)

Of Concepts and Kings is a fresh faced and forward thinking group of musicians from London Ontario. The band uses a progressive mindset to go about their musical craft, fusing provocative yet positive lyrics with an experimental and heavy pinch on the scene's current ideas of hardcore and metal, all to the tempos of punishing mosh parts. With all of the members rising from the ashes of past local bands, the band has their sights set on rekindling old flames, with not a chance of slowing down in the cards.


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Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Sinking in Still Water EP
unknown May 8, 2012
Cease Being EP
unknown August 14, 2014


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could not have a worse name for a band