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  • Kim Forbes - All instruments, engineering, and production

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ONAN, started February 2010, is the solo project of Sydney-based artist Kim Forbes. Kim started out playing with bands such as The Luddites, Rainbow Kiss, Amarantha, and most recently, Tortoise Cult. For the time being, ONAN is purely a musical endeavour.

Throughout 2010, ONAN has released 2 albums and an EP, with the last ('III:Metal|Porno|Space|Opera') as a dedication to fans of ONAN. 'Breaking the Fourth Wall', was released November 11th, 2011, and features guest spots by Eric Beaudin and Hugo Bonin. In 2012, ONAN released 'Our Names Will Echo Through the Ages', an EP featuring Caroline Boucher and Eric Beaudin, with all production by Joey Roach of Cold Weather Studios in Edmonton, Canada.

ONAN takes inspiration from a diverse range of musical/artistic styles and approaches, while still trying to maintain a unique identity and personality in modern music.

Kim Forbes exclusively plays Etherial Guitars - guitars of unearthly artistry \m/

ONAN proudly supports Cold Weather Studios


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Hell is Other People Full-length
Unsigned May 4, 2010
ONAN Full-length
Unsigned September 17, 2010
III:Metal|Porno|Space|Opera EP
Unsigned December 24, 2010
Breaking the Fourth Wall Full-length
Self-released November 11, 2011
Our Names Will Echo Through the Ages EP
unsigned August 1, 2012
The Wrath of Hoken: A Dedication EP
Unsigned June 28, 2013
Agápē EP
unknown May 7, 2015


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Thanks Adam, that really means a lot dude; I'm so stoked you've been listening to this!! \m/

Great job on the new release brother,
Just when I'm thinking that you've put out most of the best riffs on all your other albums and wondering what is to come on this one. I listen to it on full blast, and it tops them all and blows the rest the fuck away. So good.
I can't wait for more people to hear this.

Thanks, Flo! \m/

thats deep dude!