Madrid, Spain


  • Julián - Lead Vocals
  • Benjamín - Guitar
  • Mario - Guitar
  • Rase - Synths/Vocals
  • Maze - Drums
  • Jota - Bass

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Overdown is formed by 6 guys from Madrid (Spain) on spring 2006, charged with a lot of energy that is known
today, Overdown has been one of the most succesful bands all along this last years carrying so many shows and
experience on their backs over Spain and in some many ocasions sharing stage with epic bands like Cynic,
Meshuggah, More Than A Thousand, Deez Nuts and the german heavy metal guys, Axxis.
In the year 2008, Overdown release their first EP called 1225” Bleeding Songs. One year after released their second
work called Reborn From The Horizon. A couple of years later, on September 2011 Overdown entered in studio to
record their first full lenght album called Ethereal.
At the beggining of 2012 the band released Ethereal to the digitla market followed by it’s promotion tour around
the country , playing in the biggest festivals like Granitorock 2012, The Metal Factory Fest I, and the presentation
show of II Live For Madness Festival in Orense. In Septmeber 2012, Ethereal was released on physycal besides their
first video-clip from the song Ether Ruins, closing the year with their final 2012 tour show on Brutal Metal Fest II
At the beggining of 2013, Overdown released the single Djerid from their upcoming work, increasing the list of
songs for the Ethereal promotion all over the country. In this year 2013 Overdown playd in festivals like Alburock,
the prestigious Euroblast in Germany and the Wasted Bullet spanish tour.
Actually the band is pre-producing the recording of their second album that it will see the light all along 2014.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Ethereal Full-length
Unsigned January 4, 2012


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These guys kick ass !!

Thank u man!!!

The album debut will be nice as i listened the preview