Maryland, USA


  • Spencer Sotelo (vocals)
  • Misha Mansoor (guitars)
  • Jake Bowen (guitars)
  • Adam "Nolly" Getgood (bass)
  • Matt Halpern (drums)
  • Mark Holcomb (guitars)

Hailing from Washington DC, Periphery is one of the freshest progressive metal acts on the scene today. With their signature blend of polymetric grooves and soaring melodies, the band continues to push the envelope of modern metal music. The Band released their first full length album 'Periphery' on April 20th in 2010. It debuted at #128 on the Billboard Top 200, as well as #2 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart.

Periphery formed in 2005 and currently consists of Misha 'Bulb' Mansoor, Jake Bowen and Mark Holcomb on guitars, Matt Halpern on drums, and Spencer Sotelo on vocals. Since its inception, the band has been relentless its effort to have their music be heard. Allowing free access to almost their entire catalog, including over one hundred and thirty download-able songs, this self produced band is seeking to redefine the way music is experienced.

Periphery has toured extensively since 2008, supporting artists including DevilDriver, Emmure, Veil of Maya, Animals as Leaders, God Forbid, The Dillinger Escape Plan, A Life Once Lost, This Time Its War, Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza, Fear Factory, Darkest Hour and Fair To Midland. The band’s first European headline tour in early 2011 titled 'The League of Extraordinary Djentlemen' with TesseracT, Monuments and The Safety Fire was a huge success. They released their 'Icarus EP' on April 19th, 2011. Make sure to catch them on their upcoming US headline tour "FRAK THE GODS", with support bands The Human Abstract, Textures, The Contortionist and Stray From The Path.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Periphery Full-length
Sumerian Records April 20, 2010
Icarus EP EP
Sumerian Records April 19, 2011
Passenger Single
Sumerian Records February 21, 2012
Periphery II: This Time It's Personal Full-length
Sumerian Records / Century Media Records July 2, 2012
Clear Other
Sumerian Records January 28, 2014
Juggernaut: Alpha Full-length
Sumerian Records January 27, 2015
Juggernaut: Omega Full-length
Sumerian Records January 27, 2015
Periphery III: Select Difficulty Full-length
Sumerian Records July 22, 2016


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I'm in love with the cleaner vocals, they're pretty rare in the scene these day. Fucking dank as always.

THE FREAKIN BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

Loving this band since 2011

Hey! What happened to the instrumentals for Periphery II??? Come on guys! Djent is the only genre that can do instrumental versions!

My first Djent band and definitely one of the first loves Wink Misha you rock bro Laughing out loud

note to self i miss you terribly. lol.

'Ask me anything' session with Nolly will begin on this Saturday, September 13th. -

Waitin' for Juggernaut!

Cannot wait for Juggernaut!

I think the idea of a Pro-Djent bandwagon is the answer.

I wish I could hear them live, damn, never in my country(

Loved "Scarlet" from your latest album! \m/ \m/

Got to see these guys at the Summer Slaughter Tour. They put on a fucking great show! Although I did get dropped on my head from crowd surfing during Icarus Lives and basically squished to death by big, sweaty men... but it was still worth it! I also got to meet Spencer and took a picture with him. Will never forget that night.

Haha i like that joke he made about "djent" being such a forbidden word when you're in a djent band. I'm tired of this whole anti-djent bandwagon, who cares if you use the word to describe a band? Like I'm not some kind of djent fanatic, but I use the word to describe "djent" bands such as Periphery and Tesseract because it's simply an easy way to generally describe their sound. People act like the fuckn word will bring about the end of the world....

I saw this comment on

And I even don't know what is 'djent' exactly, but it's really pertinent sentence 'what is djent'.

Amazing band, very unique and complete, they got THAT feel you need.
I personaly prefer 'Periphery I', but the new album it's great, damn great, and the Melodic parts are excelents, just keep doing what your doing!

I am really hoping this preorder arrives tomorrow, though I have a feeling it will not, and I will be eagerly checking my mail every day until it comes. What's up dudes, iTunes gets more love than the hard copy preorder custies? I don't know, I'll be a little disappointed if the rest of the world can have "II" before me, and I ordered it when the preorder first became available!!! Don't let me down y'all.....

Slice The Cake is a great band though! Smile

We have already apologized for Slice The Cake on many occasions.

HOKENSTYFE: You have chosen wisely.

the only thing i rly hate about bands like this, r their retarded band names, track/album names... like "slice the cake" or "cold night for alligators".....

Hey guys! Why aren't you playing in the Euroblast Fest in October? I want to go to Germany, but it would be perfect with you guys in it!

Pre-ordered II & 'Intrinsic'(the Contortionist) today.

They are releasing MAKE TOTAL DESTROY from the new album today. Smile

It's April 20th. Where's the new album?!

They have like 1337 fans... I do not dare to become a fan Sad
But I am a fan... dont wanna ruin dat l33t number! Shock

"Periphery Waves of sadness
Released: 10 / 2011,"

Haha you are a funny guy

i just found some great totla NEW periphery guysy!

respect the bulb o_0 \\m//

very inspiring and trail blazing Smile

they are from the future !!!!

Haha amazing band!! Laughing out loud

Periphery, y u no let people view your videos on iPads? Poor form.

Woot, a thousand fans!

This is one of the best cds I own.

You guys FUCKING RAWK!!!!!!

PLease come to Palm Coast, Fl and have Luch with me at Perkins at 9:23 p.m. .!>

666 fans Wink

I think you mean, "HOW'S THAT FOR A BIO?!" Hah. Just fucking with you. You guys make me happy in the pants.