Plagues of the Armada

San Francisco, California, USA


  • Frankie - Vocals
  • Seiji - Guita
  • Scott - Guitar
  • Logan - Keys / Vocals
  • Gabriel - Bass
  • Jake - Drums

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POTA started in 2008 when founding member Frankie Alonzo was still in high school after joining a fellow local band the band quickly began to change sound and pick up new members to meet its changing style. Guitarist Seiji Sano then bass was one his first new recruits after collecting the remaining needed members Plagues was born. After pumping out a demo and opening for such acts as AGATG, For The Fallen Dream, Stray From The Path, Knights of the Abyss, Burning the Masses and Mychildren Mybride but as soon as things looked great POTA went on hiatus. After Seiji & Frankie moved to the bay and changed their sound greatly POTA was brought back with new members and a new EP with a hunger to play as many gigs as they possibly can aiming for nothing short of success.


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