Prime Meridian

Millersville, PA, USA


  • Eric Fletcher - Instruments
  • Shae Portner - Vocals

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We are a progressive hardcore band from Lancaster, PA. We released a free EP called Intersections not too long ago. Were looking to play shows as soon as we get more band members. Go like us on Facebook, we love to talk to people.


Detailed discography - Add release

Titlesort icon Type Rating Label Release date
Dialogues Full-length
self-released December 10, 2013
Graveyards EP
unsigned January 3, 2013
Intersections EP
unknown February 15, 2012
Prime Meridian Full-length
Famined Records December 11, 2015


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Awesome band!!!

They have a new album out for free actually

complete and legit, along the sound has come for the few , 99% of Djent has been killed and ruined. tho 1% of djent groups, artists, bands, projects, including Meridian are what fuels the movement and allows relief to the small amount of people that are apart of underground djent. Music like this will breed and continue to shatter contemporary standards of Metal Music - dharth

Awesome Band!