• Sami Raatikainen - music & lyrics
  • Guest Musicians:
  • Mats Levén - male vocals
  • Noora Häkkinen - female vocals

Radiance is the solo project of Sami Raatikainen, a Finnish musician/producer who also plays guitar for the German Tech/Jazz/Death Metal band "Necrophagist" and the Finnish Technical Melodeath band "Codeon".


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
The Burning Sun Full-length
Indie October 17, 2010


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Excellent music!

Supposedly the next Radiance album is coming out this year... that's what he said last year though, so his plans might have changed in the meantime.

This music blows my mind. 'The Burning Sun' is one of the best songs of any genre I have ever heard. I fucking LOVE the vocals - the quasi-80's power metal/Iron Maiden style of singing always gives me chills and coupled with this style of metal... I have to wear a diaper every time I listen to it because it is pants-shittingly awesome

Finally. And posted on the one day I did't check because I thought "Well, if nothing's happened the last three weeks, it likely won't happen today". Laughing out loud At least it's going forward.

update from yesterday: http://www.radiance.fi/

apparently the new Radiance album has been written, it just needs to be recorded Laughing out loud (which might take a while, I guess)

This is how browsing for music pays off...

Absolutely amazing! After a long time a really good album...

Great find man!

I regularly search various blogs and download sites for interesting bands I don't know yet. I found this album on a Russian site actually (I guess I shouldn't mention addresses with respect to your no-piracy stance) and instantly fell in love with it. Really great work.

Where did you find out about this? I hadn't heard anything about this project until you submitted it.

Seems I really hit a nerve with this one. Smile

Lol yeah if I was rich I would man. Who knows, maybe I'll poop out gold this morning

Buy it to support artist dude.

Aww, I want free downloads Sad

Holy shit.