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Returning We Hear the Larks is the Ambient Metal solo project of Jack Noble, a student from Bristol, England. The name is taken from the poem by Isaac Rosenberg.

When his previous project Sins of the Watchmen had served its purpose, Jack chose to take his music in a more experimental direction. Inspired by his visit to Belgium and the battlegrounds of the First World War, the project was named Returning We Hear the Larks. Since then, he has released 4 EPs, 2 compilations and one full-length under the name, gaining a significant fanbase within the 'djent' community.

All of Jack's albums to date (including releases under the name Sins of the Watchmen and [artist]MurderOnTheDancefloor[/artist]) are available from his BandCamp page. He also frequently uploads free demos and previews on his SoundCloud account.

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Detailed discography - Add release

Title Typesort icon Rating Label Release date
Line-Trap Single
Independent April 9, 2012
Thousand-Arms Fortress Single
Independent August 25, 2017
Ypres Full-length
unsigned September 7, 2010
Far-Stepper/Of Wide Sea Full-length
Independent June 25, 2013
Langemark EP
Unsigned May 18, 2009
The Hidden World: I EP
Unsigned September 9, 2009
Of Marduk EP
Unsigned March 6, 2010
Proud England EP
Independent March 10, 2011
Ypres Incarnate EP
Self-released March 31, 2017
The NewGrounds Years: 2007 - 2010 Compilation
Independent April 26, 2011
WIPs and Dip Compilation
Independent March 10, 2011
Scattered Fragments of a Past Forgotten: Old Songs Reborn Compilation
Unsigned March 3, 2010
Alpha: The Ypres Months Compilation
Unsigned October 4, 2010
Larks Compilation
Murder on the Dancefloor Records March 30, 2015


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Oh boy, so many releases... could anybody recommend me, with which I should start to listen?

Well, I started on Ypres, which is just glorious in every way Laughing out loud However, it depends what you want. If you're after djent and vocals, your best bet is Alpha: The Ypres Months, but pretty much everything else is instrumental, of what I've heard. Of Marduk is a nice 4 song EP that can get you in the mood for it as well... just pick whatever one takes your fancy, and go from there!

I suggest grabbing the new single 'Line-Trap' for free first, then checking out my Proud England EP from last year Smile


here is a possible version with voice........ I'm so happy awaiting your comments,
this version have no "lyrics" all are groans, hahahaha, but if you like those groans, I will take my lyrics inside your song.

thank you for the oportunity

(you can download the song from here)

Was feeling a bit nostalgic so gave 'Of Marduk' a spin for the first time in a couple years. Looks like I'll be on a months long Larks binge (Definitely not a bad thing). Jak makes some of the best music that this site has turned me onto. Highly, HIGHLY recommend his entire back catalog to anyone who loves music...

Been really loving "The Corruption of the Third Sister". Haven't listened to any earlier albums, but I think I've concluded the whole Far-Stepper/Of Wide Sea album is absolutely brilliant.